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Since: 02/2007
Script: Unique
Payment Methods: Paypal, Payza
Income: PTC, Tasks, Offers, Grid

ClixSense is one of the oldest PTC sites. The amount of daily ads are variable. It’s worth to visit this page many times a day, because there are new ads regularly. The specialty of ClixSense is that it pays down to 8 level depths commission to its users. In PTC business this is the best deal. Because of this it’s profitable to collect direct referrals. On this page it is not possible to find rented referrals. Despite of this the Clixsense is the favorite PTC site of a lot of people and it’s not a coincidence. On this page you can advertise your own website and your referral links. Due to loads of unique visitors on ClixSense it’s rewarding to advertise in large amount.

Unlimited referrals

ClixSense Strategy

Because of the 8 level affiliate system the ClixSense Strategy is very simple: Collect more and more referrals and tell them to collect more referrals as well. If you succeed in collect active referrals and these people are also able to collect referrals then you can earn a great deal of money. Don’t forget that here you get referral commission to 8 level depths. This is the real power of ClixSesne.

With the help of Tasks and Offers you can multiply your income. It’s worth to do some offers a day because the ClixSense pays very well for it. Of course, you get commission after the offers that your referrals had done, if you have Premium Membership then you get double commission.

The Premium Membership is very cheap and it has many advantages. Because of this, if you have some active referrals then it’s worth to buy it. The Premium Users get double commission after the clicks of their referrals. With Premium Membership you also get upgrade bonus to 8 level depths. With Sales Commission you may earn unlimited money. The price of the Premium Membership is just $17/Year.

To collect referrals, to do regularly Offers and to buy Premium Membership.
This is the best ClixSense Strategy.

Daily Checklist Bonus

With the help of Daily Checklist Bonus, You can take advantage of the opportunities of the Clixsense. View PTC ads, play Clixgrid, complete tasks, complete offers and visit the forum. If You did all this, You get Daily Checklist Bonus. Get Daily Checklist Bonus every day!


ClixSense is a regestered company. Since the foundation in 2007, it pays reliable to its users.
On the ClixSense forum and on the internet you find many payment proofs.
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Tasks and offers

ClixSense Memberships

The best affiliate program in the world of making money online!

Referral Limit: no limit
Pay per Click: $0,02 – $0,001
Pay per Referral Click: $0,004 – $0,0002
Signup Commissions: $0,50 after referral earns $10 on PTC clicks
Upgrade Commissions: $2/upgraded direct referral
Sales Commissions: 10% (limited at $100 per referral)
Tasks & Offers Commission: 5%
Daily Checklist Bonus: up to 7%
Minimum Payout: $8

Referral limit: no limit
Pay per Click: $0,02 – $0,001
Pay per Referral Click: $0,008 – $0,0004
Signup Commissions: $1 after referral earns $5 on PTC clicks
Upgrade Commissions: $2/upgr. dr + $1/upgrade through 7 more tiers
Sales Commissions: 10% (unlimited per referral)
Tasks & Offers Commission: 10%
Daily Checklist Bonus: up to 16%
Minimum Payout: $6

High Daily Bonuses