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There are many Traffic Exchange Sites where You can’t earn money. On these sites it is unnecessary to surf. On the upper Traffic Exchange List, there are exclusive pages, where You can collect ad credits and money. If You want to be successful in online business, then You need to advertise. If You don’t advertise, people will not know about your business and so You will not earn money online. On Traffic Exchange Sites You can advertise free. If You want to make money online, the Traffic Exchange is a great opportunity.

You watch other people’s ads. In return, other people also watch your ads. This is the point of Manual Traffic Exchange. In practice, it looks like in the following way: You surf ads. Thus, You get ad credits. After this, You use ad credits and promote your own ads. And others watch your advertisements.

By using Traffic Exchange Sites, You can promote your referral links and banners. This way You can receive new referrals. If You have a website, You can also advertise it. If You don’t have a website, don’t be disappointed. Make an own splash page or pages and make money right away. On the Traffic Exchange Sites besides credits you can usually earn money. If You are persistent and surf a lot, then You will have more ad credits and more money.

During surfing, on every Traffic Exchange Site, You can get bonuses. These are ad bonuses or cash bonuses. On some pages, games, various tasks and surf competitions make the sites more interesting. On Traffic Exchange Sites, You can send messages to other users and You can chat with them as well.

On every Traffic Exchange Site, You have the chance to buy Premium Membership. This is not compulsory nowhere. Buying Premium Membership is recommended only if You surf a lot. The premium members can collect more credits, get higher commissions and bigger bonuses.


Make Your Splash Page

On Traffic Exchange Sites, it is not worth to advertise your referral links. It is much more efficient, if You make your own Splash Page.
If You want to make an own Splash Page, then You have to make the follow things:
1: Click on the banner and register on the EasyHits4U. This is the Best Traffic Exchange Site.
Splash Page
2: After registration click on the links of “Easy Splash Builder”.
3: Click on the “Add New Splash Page” button.
4: Make your own Splash Page.


Free options

On the internet, You can advertise in a variety of ways. Of course, you can advertise for money. Here, You can even buy credits. On PTC Sites You can even buy credits. However, there are more expensive ad options besides these. If You want to advertise free, then it is also an opportunity if You work on PTC Sites and the money earned, You spend it on PTC Ad Credits. On this website You find all the recommended PTC Sites. The other free ad option is a Traffic Exchange.


A Good Advice:

Register on at least five Traffic Exchange Sites and surf on these at the same time. Thus, credits come faster. On Manual Traffic Exchange Sites, You probably won’t earn a fortune. Although, these are perfectly suitable to start your way to make money online.