Here on the front page you can find the Best PTC Sites of 2023. The list is constantly updated. Only the highest paying webpages are in the table. Below the list you can read more about the best Paid to Click sites and find out how you can get bigger rewards in this business.
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Best PTC Sites Since Daily Ads
Paidverts 2014 variable
Faucetpay 2019 25 +
Cryptowin 2021 20+
Coinpayu 2017 25+
Earnbitmoon 2018 10+
Claimbits 2019 12 +
Adbtc 2016 15+
Dutchycorp 2018 30+
Coinadster 2019 12 +
Cointiply 2018 30+
Bestshop 25+ 10 +
Old PTC Sites Since Daily Ads
ScarletClicks 2009 15+
GPTplanet 2010 15+
Neobux 2008 10+
Extra Cash Since Paid Surveys & Tasks
Ysense 2019 100+
FreeCash 2020 100+

Instead of a long introduction, let’s look at the Top PTC Websites:


Paidverts is one of the largest PTC sites in the world, founded in 2014 and continuously in the market since then. The site is backed by a company registered in Scotland. Paidverts doesn’t ask you for too much personal information, it’s safe and secure.

The concept is that you have to buy BAPs, so in return you can click on high-value ads and earn more revenue than you invested. The more BAPs you have, the more money you will earn. It only takes a few minutes a day. You can request a payment in the Cashier menu. Of course you can also advertise on Paidverts. You can promote your blog or referral links.

Paidverts Strategy

In addition to paid advertising, you can also make some money playing Clix Grid. There are also a number of paid offers on the site. You can also invest the money you earn in BAPs to further increase your income. This is the most profitable Paidverts strategy. Collect as much money as possible on the site, buy BAPs with it, then collect more money and buy more BAPs.

If you see an investment opportunity on a GPT (Get Paid to) page or a faucet page, it’s usually a scam. The only exception is Paidverts. It is not known how they do it, but payments have been regular since 2014.

Register: Paidverts

Payment: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Neteller, Perfect Money, Payeer.


Faucetpay is a unique platform with two main functions.

First Function: Microwallet

Microwallets are a good way to claim the money you earn on faucet sites. There are more and more acceptance sites, many GPT (Get paid to) sites also accept it. With Faucetpay you can send or receive small amounts without fees. If you work on faucet sites and don’t have an account here, you should consider registering. This is because it is currently the only trusted microwallet in the world.

Second Function: Earning Platform

You can also earn crypto on Faucetpay. You can click on PTC ads, fill in some paid surveys or do some tasks every day. The coins will go directly to your balance. You can see your current balance and the latest money flows on your dashboard. The dashboard is simple and easy to read. You can collect more than 10 different coins. The most popular choice is of course Bitcoin.

You can also play various gambling games on the site, but this is not a wise choice. You can lose your hard-earned income quickly. The site has an affiliate program that pays high commissions. However, collecting referrals is very difficult because this platform is known by almost everyone.

The question arises, is Faucetpay a legit site? The answer is definitely yes. Faucetpay always pays its members, your Coins are safe here. Of course, if you have a large amount of Bitcoin, you should store it in a Cold Wallet. Overall, Faucetpay is a very useful website with unique features.

Register: Faucetpay

Payment: Bitcoin Wallet


Earnbitmoon is a favourite of many people. Not many users so far, it has a family atmosphere. The site is very easy to use, there are few pop-ups and the captchas are not too difficult.

There are not too many PTC ads, you can finish them quickly. You can also make some money with shortlinks. And on the main page you can collect some Satoshis every 5 minutes using the faucet. If you’re a fanatic and you work here a lot, you might want to click on the “Achievements” menu from time to time. There are many valuable rewards waiting for you there. I cannot recommend the games highly enough. Unfortunately, you could lose all your earnings if you’re not careful. You can buy premium memberships if you want, but it’s only worth it if you have a lot of referrals.


I highly recommend the Offerwalls menu to all users. You can make a lot of money here. More than 10 companies offer various micro jobs, paid surveys and other tasks. It is worth being diligent and instead of watching videos of kittens, it is much more worthwhile to do some tasks and earn some money. Overall, it’s a good site to sign up for, it’s a highly recommended page.

Register: Earnbitmoon

Payment: Faucetpay, Bitcoin, Payeer


Cryptowin is one of the best PTC sites. Excellent design, no pop-ups and heavy captchas. One of its big flaws is that it is sometimes slow. Unfortunately, this is annoying, but the website has many advantages.

PTC ads pay relatively high, which is great for users. In the faucet menu you can collect some satoshis every quarter of an hour. This is worth doing because you get 1 lottery ticket for every claim. The chances of winning are small, but it’s free and it’s an option.

Low withdrawal limit, high commission

The minimum amount you can withdraw is very low. It means you can get paid every few days from here. Offerwall provides great opportunities here too. On PTC sites, the best ways to earn money are through surveys and tasks. I’d like to draw your attention to something. You get 50 % referral commission from every Faucet claim. So it is worth collecting referrals. You can find the referral link and your banner on the main page.

There is also investment potential, which does not bode well for the future. Of course, you’ll also find the usual games you’re used to on faucet sites. I do not recommend either the investment or the gambling. Nevertheless, it is advisable to register because the earnings on Cryptowin are high overall. And because of the low payout limit, you can often request a payout. As long as the site pays, it is worth working here. Cryptowin can stay on the market for years.

Register: Cryptowin

Payment: Faucetpay, BTC Wallet


Coinpayu is a real highlight on the PTC market. Every day there are a lot of PTC ads here, you can earn good money here. The higher value ads are at the top of the list and the smaller ones at the bottom. It is profitable to work on this site. There are more than 50 different Faucet on Coinpayu: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Solana, Litecoin, Dash, Tether, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Avalanche, Palygon, etc.

The fact that we don’t know who the owner of the website is casts some shadow over the website. Nevertheless, it is very reliable and has been paying online workers steadily since 2017. If you want to make more money, the Offers menu is worth clicking on every day. There are many paying surveys and tasks waiting for you here.

If you work here a lot and have already got some referrals, you can try the premium membership. This way both your clicks and your referrals’ clicks will earn you more money. And captchas will disappear completely. You can find your referral link under “Affiliate/Promo Materials”.

Massive attendance

The website is highly visited, and PTC users like to work on the site. That’s why it’s a good place to advertise anything related to PTC, Bitcoin or any other online money making method. Advertising is relatively cheap. If you are thinking about promoting a referral link or your blog, you should try this option. It’s a good tactic to start with a lower budget campaign first. Once you see that advertising is profitable, you can move on to a higher budget campaign.

Register: Coinpayu

Payment: Faucetpay, Crypto Wallet


Claimbits is a relatively simple site. There are no flashing ads and no annoying pop-ups. Both registration and using the site are simple, and shouldn’t cause you any problems. Founded in 2019, it’s generally well reviewed by PTC workers. Nothing is known about the owners, but this is common in this industry. As long as it pays, we work. That’s the rule.

You can claim every five minutes from the Claimbits Faucet. You can’t make a lot of money with a single click, but if you come back regularly, you can collect a lot of satoshis. There are not many PTC ads on this site, but there are a lot of shortlinks. They can also help you raise some money.

Of course, there is also premium membership. Buy this if you work here a lot and have active referrers. You can also play the lottery if you feel like it, but that’s not a good idea. No need to spend your hard-earned Satoshis on gambling at all.


The site regularly runs contests. There are three types of contests: referral contest, offerwalls contest and shortlinks contest. If you can collect a lot of referrals, you can enter the referral contest. It is very difficult to get a good ranking in this one. However, anyone can enter the other two contests with a good chance. If you do all the shortlinks, complete a lot of tasks and get a good score, you can get the rewards. The “contest” menu is quite informative, you will find all the useful data there. Of course you can also enter competitions on other PTC websites. You can use this knowledge elsewhere.

Register: Claimbits

Payment: Faucetpay, BTC Wallet


Extremely reliable PTC site, with almost no errors, founded in 2016. The payout limit is low and the money accumulates quickly. It is relatively difficult to collect referrals because so many people know and use AdBTC.

Is it worth advertising on AdBTC? This is a good question because advertising is more expensive than elsewhere. This is a disadvantage. However, the ads reach a lot of people. And that is an advantage. If you want to promote your website, blog or referral link to a wider audience, you can do it here. Of course, you will have to expect higher costs than on other GPT sites.

The only weakness of AdBTC is its support. Letters are not answered and users are left alone with their problems. Fortunately, there is no need to write letters to support. You just click, collect the Satoshis and collect the benefits. There is nothing else to do.

High value ads

The key feature of AdBTC is that it pays more for your clicks than other PTC sites. Every day, 5-10 ads of higher value are added to this website. If you’re serious about the PTC business, this is not to be missed. It is fun to see when you collect a relatively larger amount of Satoshi with a few clicks. Too bad there are not at least 20 more websites like this. Of course, there are those who promise even bigger rewards, but they are Scams. There are also great value ads waiting for you under “Surf Ads” and “Active Window Surfing”.

Register: AdBTC

Payment: Faucetpay, BTC Wallet, Payeer


Dutchycorp is a site that is only worth working with in the long term. That’s because it offers a wide range of long-term bonuses to its registered users. The look of the site is not very modern, but don’t let that fool you. The services are excellent. There are many shiny sites that trick people. Dutchycorp is a retro website and pays customers regularly. Unfortunately, the owner is unknown. As long as the site is paying, it’s pointless to bother.


There is an opportunity here that is really attractive. This is autoclaim. The first step is to collect Dutchy Coins, the internal currency of the website. You can do this, for example, by clicking on PTC ads, but there are many other ways to do it. There are plenty of money-making opportunities on the site. It pays if you do a few tasks every day. Of course, you can do more. There are lots of them and Dutchycorp pays very good money. There are also a lot of shortlinks every day. You can find the different money making opportunities under “Earn Dutchy”.

The more you work, the more Dutchy Coins you will have. You can convert these coins into Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies later, using the autofaucet. It’s so cool when you click on “Start Autofaucet” and the money starts coming in. Autofaucet pays the most on weekends. On Saturday and Sunday you get 20% bonus.

It’s difficult to write a fair review of this site, because there is an amazing amount of potential here. For example: space bonuses, level bonuses, loyalty rewards, CPU miner, GUI miner, Daily Contests, Social Jobs, and many other chances. Dutchycorp is a site not to be missed.

Register: DutchyCorp

Payment: Faucetpay and more than 70 types of crypto currencies


The Coindadster is a puritan site. The design is old-fashioned, but that’s not a problem. Online workers don’t come here to browse, they come here to make money. The site has been running smoothly since 2019 and the admin always pays users. You can work here without any hassle. No annoying pop-ups, no intrusive ads.

The site has at least 8 PTC ads per day and a lot of shortlinks. You can click on the faucet every 10 minutes, which is a great opportunity. If you like the site and you’ll be here a lot, be sure to click on “Achievements”. Coinadster rewards hardworking users with valuable rewards. In the “Offers” menu, you will find a large number of paying surveys and tasks available to you every day. There are also some gambling games on the website, but they are not suitable for earning money.

Premium Memberships

Premium membership here offers more benefits than on other Faucet sites. You will get much more money for your clicks and for your referral clicks. You will get much more money for your clicks and for your referal clicks. If you get referrals here, this will be a profitable opportunity for you. Coinadster is a less known site, so it is easier to collect referrals.

Another advantage is the low withdrawal limit and instant payout.

Register: Coinadster

Payment: Faucetpay, BTC Wallet


Cointiply is a special PTC site. The design is simply beautiful, you won’t find anything to complain about. You can see that the owners have put a lot of work into this project. It takes several months to develop a website of this quality. They have been online since 2018 and since then they have been paying their users decently.

There are many ways to earn money here. You can click on at least 20 PTC ads a day and try your luck on the faucet twice a day. This is a unique Faucet, you can win a lot of coins here if you are lucky. You can also increase your balance with surveys and tasks. A word of advice: do at least five of these tasks a day, because Cointiply pays a lot of money for them. There used to be a mining option on the site, but this has been discontinued. Probably because it was not profitable for the owners. You can also make some extra money through various games and mobile apps.

Long term Possible

You can see from this website that the developers have worked hard to make it so high quality. It means that Cointiply will probably be in the online business for a long time. In the PTC World, there are plenty of scammers who create a website only to run off with users’ money after a few months. In this atmosphere, quality is a great treasure. Of course, no one is a prophet, no one can see the future, but it would be surprising if Cointiply disappeared from the internet overnight.

Register: Cointiply

Payment: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin


This is a fresh site, founded in 2022. Its main feature is that it has a higher earning potential than other sites. For now, it pays and everyone hopes it will stay that way. Unfortunately there is a lot of spam and pop-ups, but high earnings are more important.

Register: BestShop

About PTC Sites

PTC stands for Paid to Click. By using PTC Sites You can earn money on the internet without investment. In these pages You can gain income in several ways: Paid to click, Surveys, Offers, (Microjobs), Paid to read, PTSU, Watching videos, Grid, Autosurf, Traffic Exchange, etc. These are legal ways to make money online.

This work is very easy, it doesn’t demand any qualification. The registration is absolutely free everywhere. One person can usually register from one IP address. You have to give variety passwords on each PTC website because of your own safety. During the registration you have to give real data, because with unreal data you will have problems with the payments. To ensure the cashout you need Payeer, Neteller, Skrill or Faucetpay accounts.

It’s worth to You to work on minimum 10 pages, in order to get money faster. If you have little time to work, you should work on the most reliable PTC sites. If you have more time to work, you can try newer sites. In this case you will have some disappointments, because unfortunately there are many scammers in the PTC business. They set up a website, collect money from customers and then leave. The safe option is slower, but perhaps more rewarding. It is important that you never use online bots in your work because you may be banned.

The first PTC site was Worldlinx, created in 2003. Then came Clixsense in 2007 and then the other sites in turn. A long time has passed since then, but PTC has lost none of its popularity.

How does it work?

Paid to Click sites give advertisers the opportunity to advertise cheaply and reach many people. Users are viewing these ads. In return, they receive money. The advertiser benefits because many people see their product or service. Users also benefit because they get paid for their work. And the owner of the PTC site makes profit.

Advertisers can be companies or individuals. You can advertise if you want. Do you have a website or a blog? On PTC sites you can propagate all these things very cheaply. You can also buy advertising credits and banner credits. Many GPT (get paid to) sites also offer special packages for advertisers.

There is one element of PTC work that nobody likes, and that is captchas. Life would be better without them, but unfortunately they are here with us and they will be here. From time to time, there is a faucet page that offers up a captcha that is too difficult to decipher. When this happens, simply close the page and don’t visit it for at least 12 hours. By the time you return, you’ll probably find the captchas easier.

How much money can You earn from PTC work?

The money which you earn monthly from your work , can spread from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. If you want high income than you have to think in the long run, because in the first several months the income is small. To increase your income you have to buy premium packs, rent referrals and collect direct referrals. You can collect direct referrals in the simplest way: you advertise one of your ptc referral links on another PTC Site.

The reality is that you won’t make much profit from your clicks. You’ll certainly have some income, but you won’t be able to buy a house or a car and you won’t be able to pay your monthly expenses. Of course there are other ways to make some extra money on PTC sites…

Extra Income – Offers and Paid Surveys

What is offers? Smaller tasks that will bring you additional income.
What is Paid Surveys? Questionnaires to help you earn more money.

The different tasks, offers and paid surveys are brilliant income resources. Many users make their great proportion of online income with the help of these. You can earn a higher income immediately with these. You don’t have to wait months to get some active referrals and you don’t have to buy a premium membership.

When you sign up to a PTC site, the first thing you should always check is whether there are offers and surveys. If there are, you might want to look at those. The choice is of course yours.

If you want to make extra cash, here’s more informations: Paid Surveys

Useful Informations

Old vs New

Usually the older PTC sites are more reliable. This is the most important rule in PTC business. Monthly more than a hundred PTC sites are founded. These pages mostly scams, it means that they don’t pay for work.

Here in the homepage of you find the old, trusted ptc sites and also newer pages which have the chance to stay alive. On the above list you can not find those pages, which daily standard incomes are too low. Those pages which are worked on the basis of the “ponzi scheme” should be avoided. In the past, all PTC sites had a forum, but this is no longer the case. Previously, you could check the payment proofs in the forum. This facility is generally no longer available. If a site pays, it is trustworthy. If a site does not pay, it is not trustworthy. It’s as simple as that.

PTC - Tree and automobileIn PTC business, old is more reliable than new.

Basic Concepts

Fixed Ads: Ads that run for a set period of time (24h, 168h, etc…)
Login Ads: These ads will appear on your screen when you log in.
Grid: A simple game to help you earn extra income.
PTSU: Paid to Sign Up – In this case, a company or individual pays you to register on a website.

PTC Business – Unwritten rules

Reliability is important in this job, as there are a lot of scammers on the internet. So you should follow a few unwritten rules:

Never provide sensitive personal information. A fair Paid to Click admin will ask for your name, email address and paymet processor ID when you register.
Use a known, quality antivirus. Windows Defender is also suitable.
There are some PTC sites where deposit is mandatory and only then can you request payment. Avoid these sites.
Unfortunately, a reliable PTC site does not pay too much money. If you see an Admin paying $1 or more per click, you are definitely dealing with a scammer.


The important question is whether you get paid in Dollar or in Bitcoin. Dollar is a safer currency. That is not in dispute. Bitcoin is a riskier investment. But it may be worth much more in the years to come than it is now. Of course, it may be worth nothing in a few years. Although this is unlikely. It’s up to you to decide what form of payment you choose. You can choose safety, but you can also take risks. Want extra revenue? More informations: Bitcoin Earning

When the PTC Site doesn’t pay

If a new site doesn’t pay, then nothing can be done, this often occurs. However, if an old, trusted PTC Site doesn’t pay, it has a reason. In such cases, it is worth to write to the support and ask what is the problem. Several old PTC sites pay only in that case, when the user justify that he is a real person and not a bot. In this situation, admins ask for the copy of the ID Card or a payment processor screenshot.

The Future of PTC

The internet is still a young industry and is changing rapidly. Paid to Click sites are no different. At first, companies paid users exclusively in dollars. Nowadays, you can work on these sites for a variety of crypto currencies. The most common of these cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin. The future clearly points towards financial decentralisation. More and more PTC users are requesting their income in Bitcoin. This is an investment as well as a job, because the price of cryptocurrencies can increase many times over in the long term.

All in all, no one will make a billion from this job, but it is a good way to supplement your income. Besides ptc, it is worth trying other online money-making opportunities, especially in the emerging crypto market. You can read more about this at


It is a common experience that old users return to PTC sites as advertisers. This is a very good business. You can also advertise on ptc sites. You can promote your links and banners. Advertising credits are very cheap, banner credits are even cheaper.

Extra Online Revenue

In addition to PTC work, there are other opportunities online. Many people click on ads every day out of habit and don’t look at the other opportunities. But this is a mistake. Every profitable chance is worth taking. If you are interested in other online jobs besides PTC, you can find them under Best Online Earning Sites.

Making money online is not possible without investing. You don’t need to be a marketing expert to be successful. But you need to invest time and energy if you want to get ahead. In this business, you need to keep learning to win. Try to learn for free at first, there are many valuable articles on the internet. Later, you can also take paid online courses. If you succeed, you can live a free, independent life. This is a very strong motivation.