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In this article you can learn how to make money with Paid Surveys in 2022. The table below lists the best GPT sites. These sites pay users money for their work (surveys, other tasks). Registration is free everywhere. Below the table you will find brief descriptions of the different GPT sites. At the bottom of the article you will find a more detailed overview of the theme.
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Best GPT Sites Paid Surveys Paid Offers PTC
FreeCash -
Ysense -
Swagbucks -
PrizeRebel -
PTC & Tasks Paid Surveys Paid Offers PTC

Go ahead, let’s see the best GPT sites where you can generate income on the internet with paid surveys and short tasks.


Freecash is a great GPT site. It offers daily paid surveys and other tasks for users. First you have to register, which is a quick process. All you need is an email address and a strong password. Once registered, you can start working immediately. This is a legit website, offers real work and actually pays users.

How much money can you earn here?

It depends on how much you work. If you work more, you will earn more income. Freecash usually pays more money for your work than other similar websites. For completing a survey, you usually get paid between USD 0.25 and USD 1.50. The payment is usually very fast. There are lots of surveys and offers here every day. You can find them on the main page. Freecash divides the tasks into 3 categories: Featured offers, Offers és Paid Surveys.

For each paid job, you can see how much money you will get for your work. So you can easily decide which offer you want to accept. There are no compulsory tasks, you choose the ones you want. Of course there is also a referral program, the commission rate is 5%. For details, see the “Affiliates” section.

You can register to this site from any country in the world. The customer service is very friendly, which is rare in this business. The website is high quality, very attractive and technically stable. The owners have put a lot of work into this project.

Finally, a tip: The more surveys you complete, the more well-paying surveys the site will offer you. So it pays to be diligent.

Register: Freecash

Payment: Bitcoin, Paypal, Visa, Google Pay, etc…

Ysense – The Queen of Paid Surveys

One of the most trusted sites in the internet business. It was founded in 2007, when it was still called “Clicksense”. In the old days it was even possible to click on PTC ads here, but that option has been removed. This has benefited the site. In 2019, Clixsense changed its name to Ysense. The project is managed by a real company, Prodgee LLC, which has been paying all users honestly since 2007.

Best options: Surveys and Cash Offers

Registration is free and takes a few minutes. You can join from any country in the world. Then you can get started. Once you log in to your account, you’ll find two sections at the top of the main page. Choose between the two, click and you’re ready to start making cash. There are lots of paid jobs here every day.

A lovely way to make some quick money is the “Daily Poll” option. This is a short question. If you answer it, you will receive 0.01 USD. It only takes one second.

Ysense is a great site, it offers good conditions for people. The earning potential is higher than an average GPT site. Here you will find more jobs every day than anywhere else. With the affiliate program you can multiply your earnings. You can collect unlimited referrals, commissions are high. Collecting referrals is difficult because this is a well-known website.

Plus a tip: Ysense offers users a great daily bonus. If you complete at least 2 tasks or fill in at least 2 paid surveys, you will receive a daily bonus of up to 16%. You can do this every day.

Register: Ysense

Payment: Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer, etc…


PrizeRebel offers a variety of ways to earn money online. If you want to earn some extra money, you’re in the right place. The site has been completely complaint-free since 2007. The fact that a GPT site has been around for so long is a very good sign. Millions of satisfied customers are a sign that we have a professional team. PrizeRebel always pays and treats its users fairly.

This page is special because it has the most paid surveys. You can choose from them all over the world. Of course, you need to register to start working. After login you will see an overview of the daily tasks and opportunities on the dashboard.

Daily Challenge

Everyone likes extra bonuses because they bring extra cash. One such bonus is the “Daily Challenge”. The idea is that you have to reach a certain amount of points and then you get extra points. These points can later be converted into cash. You don’t need to register for the Daily Challenge, everyone automatically participates. It’s worth collecting referrals, especially if you’re active yourself and have a high account level.

If you’re lucky, you could win smaller prizes in the weekly draws. Gambling usually doesn’t pay off in the long run. On PrizeRebel, it’s more profitable to work every day. However, the various competitions are worth entering. There is no entry fee. You can find the current competitions under “Contests”. Long-term thinking pays off here. PrizeRebel has an incentive scheme. The higher your account level, the higher bonuses you get.

Register: PrizeRebel

Payment: Paypal, Gift Cards


Swagbucks offers a great variety of ways to make money online. Previously only available in Western countries, it is now possible to register from any continent. The website is constantly expanding its services and is becoming a major player in the GPT sector. The website is owned by a well-known and trusted US company. This company is Prodege LLC. As a result of this, the company pays its online workers honestly.

You will usually find a larger number of paid surveys here. Look for them in the “Answer” menu. If you need cash quickly, you’ll find good options here. The more you work, the more rewards you’ll get. As well as higher value offers, you can watch videos and generate some income by playing games. The site has an affiliate program, so you can also earn referrals. In the “Shop & Earn” section, you can earn cashback on your purchases. This is not a classic money making method, as you pay a company.


Swagbucks offers an excellent opportunity for its users. This is the “Swag ups” bonus. If this feature is active, you will get more reward for every completed survey. The various extra benefits can significantly improve your work efficiency. With less work you can generate more income. Many people don’t pay attention to these opportunities and thus earn less rewards. Another company bonus is the “Daily Goal”. It is profitable to take advantage of this great opportunity every day.

Register: Swagbucks

Payment: Paypal, Visa

About GPT Sites

GPT (Get paid to) sites pay users money for completing short and simple tasks. The best way to earn money on these platforms is to fill in Paid Surveys. There are also opportunities to perform other types of Paid Offers. For example, registration to a website, activity on a website, testing a service, testing a game, downloading and using an application, watching vides, etc…

You can use your computer, tablet or smartphone to complete tasks. Everything is done online. You can generate revenue anytime, anywhere. Registration is always free. If an administrator asks you for money for this, you are probably dealing with a scammer. You don’t need a degree or any other qualifications to do this job. You won’t even be called for a job interview. The first GPT sites appeared after the millennium and their popularity is growing. There are earning platforms with more than 25 Million users.

How much money can you make on GPT sites?

It is a quick and relatively easy way to make money. Some people earn a few dollars a day. But there are also professionals who collect up to 1000 dollars a day. It depends on how much routine you have and how many active referrals you collect. A beginner user always earns less money. This is because a beginner is usually routine-less. It takes him more time to do a microjob. Do you want bigger rewards? You need routine and persistence. You can also increase your earnings with active referrals. If you spend a lot of time on the internet, instead of watching cat videos, join a cool GPT site and earn some cash. And you can promote your referral links on social media or your blog.

Paid Surveys – The Best Option

On GPT sites, you will get the biggest rewards by completing paid surveys. But before you get started, you need to set up your profile. This consists of answering some preliminary questions. Your profile will determine which paid surveys you get access to. Once you are ready, you will then immediately see a list of surveys to fill in.

Next to each survey, you will find an indication of the approximate time it will take to complete and the reward. This is how it works on almost all “Get Paid to” sites. You may not be able to complete certain surveys. This is because you are not part of the target group of the project. In this case, you don’t need to get annoyed. Simply choose another survey. There are no compulsory surveys to fill in. You are free to choose the ones that appeal to you.

Surveys and GoldPaid Surveys: The Online Goldmine.

Paid Offers

It’s not just surveys that bring in revenue on “Get Paid to” platforms. There are other ways. For example, paid offers are an excellent income earning opportunity. Among these, you can also find some that give great rewards. Before you start a task, read the conditions. You will only get your money if you do exactly what is described. There are no compulsory tasks. You can do whatever you want. There are usually a lot of microjobs on different GPT platforms. It’s also a good tactic to do a lot of small tasks and try to generate income that way.

Paid Surveys and Paid Offers – Rules

Filling in paid surveys and completing various tasks can bring you a great income. But only if you follow a few important rules. When you register, you must provide real information. Real email address and real name. This is important because if you give false information, you won’t get your money. Often, after registration, a website will send you an email asking you to validate your email address. If you don’t give a real email address, you will not be able to do this. Most GPT sites have forums. If you post on a topic, please do so in a polite manner. Admins usually sanction people who insult others or use obscene language.

GPT sites usually allow one registration per IP address. So it is not worth registering more than once, as each person can only have one account. This is done in order to filter out fraudsters. After registration, enter your details (username, password, email address, etc.). If you work on many sites, you may want to buy a notebook for this purpose. It’s best to write this down on paper in the traditional way. Then no one can steal them over the internet. If you earn little money on the Internet, this is of little importance. But when you become a professional and are able to make big money, security becomes important. Your password and other sensitive data should always be safe.

Finally, a word of advice:

However little you earn in the beginning, try to put it back into the business. Some people order pizza with their first earnings, some buy a pair of shoes and some spend their freshly earned cash in a bar. It’s a waste. The revenue collected can be used to expand the business. You can create your own blog, advertise on a referral link or buy an ebook about the business. This is much more sensible than spending money unnecessarily.


Overall, it is worth registering on GPT sites. The paid surveys and paid tasks can help you kick-start your online money-making career. The best and most trusted sites are listed in the table at the top of this page. Have fun!