The best protection against scammers is to register only with old, trusted PTC sites. This is the most useful advice in this business. You can find them on the front page.

What is Scam?

Scam PTC Site: It means that the given PTC Site doesn’t pay and the admin is a fraud (scammer).
In the online business, there are a lot of scammer admins and scam sites. It is particularly true to some PTC Sites. Because of this, it often occurs that the work of PTC users is useless and they don’t get there entitled money. The PTC admins often apply unfair tricks at the expense of users. Such an unfair trick eg. selective payment. So, some users are paid while others are not. Unfortunately, there are only a few fair admins, but You can find some. You have to avoid Scam PTC Sites, it is not worth working on them. It’s a good method if You control the payment proofs regularly and often visit the forums of PTC Sites. If an admin does not pay, don’t despair. It happens to every PTC user. The scammer admins often send emails to users to trick up more money. Pay attention to this, don’t fall for cheaters. It is also often occurs that a forum disappears from a PTC Site one day to another. Occasionally, it happens that online cheaters (eg. scammer PTC admins) ask You in emails to give your personal details sush as your bank account, your passwords, etc. Never give these details for any request. Other cheaters try to get money in a way that they send spams to users. In these emails, the admin asks users to register on an online program. These spam emails are unetichal. It’s worth to control to the dustbin the emails of spammer and scammer admins.

Groups of Scam PTC Sites

1: There are admins, who are trusted, but they can’t operate there PTC Sites in a profitable way. As a result of this, they become insolvent.
2: Certain PTC Sites start with reputable purpose, but meanwhile the admin realizes that he/she can’t produce profit. So after some time, he/she leaves with the profit, actually steals the money of PTC users.
3: Many “admins” create a PTC Site with the goal of cheating and from the beginning.

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