Scarlet Clicks is a very old, reliable PTC site. It is stable and always pays its users. If you are looking for a really trusted site, you should definitely register here. The income for standard members is not very high. If you want to earn more money, you need to collect referrals and buy premium memberships. There are also rented referrals on this site. These are not real persons, but bots. Let’s face it, that’s not very confidence inspiring

The website is fast and technically correct. More than 20 PTC advertisements appear on the site every day. If you are a standard member, you will usually not find any ads of high value. If you have active referrers, you should check at least four ads every day. In this case you will also get paid for the work of your referrers. Scarlet Clicks is a large site, it is relatively difficult to collect referrals. For a less known site, it is always easier.

Scarlet Clicks – Legit PTC Site

Ads are not cheap, but they are not expensive either. These ads can reach a relatively large number of people. A larger advertising campaign can bring good results. Unfortunately, there are few reliable PTC sites. Therefore the best ones have a lot of traffic. One such site is Scalret Clicks.

The Grid game is a good way to try your luck. No, it’s not gambling, you don’t have to pay to play. However, if you win, you will of course get the prize money.

One of the best options on the site is “PTSU” (Paid to Sign Up). In this case, you get money for registering on another website. You won’t get rich from this, but you can earn a small amount every day. The website also has surveys and tasks.

The withdrawal limit is $2. This used to be considered a low value, but nowadays there are some faucet sites that pay out lower amounts. The majority of PTC users like Scarlet Clicks. It is very rare to read any complaints about this site. This is not a coincidence. The administrator is a very experienced and respected name in the PTC profession. If you don’t want to bother with scam sites, you should try this one. Of course, registration is free.

Payment: Faucetpay, Neteller, Skrill, Payeer

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