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Want to advertise your website or referral links for free? Then traffic exchange is an opportunity you should not miss. It is one of the best ways to get free visitors to your site. A good marketing strategy is essential for a successful business. If you don’t advertise, people won’t know about your business, so you won’t be able to make money online. So you have to advertise, and if you’re not a billionaire it’s worth doing it for free.

How does it work in reality? You look at other people’s ads. In return, others will look at your ads. This is the essence of manual traffic exchange. In return for your work, you get advertising credits. You can use these to promote your website or other links. It’s a win-win deal. It’s good for the advertiser, the clicker and the operator.

Here are the most trusted traffic exchange sites. Click on the banner to register:

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Work on Traffic Exchange Sites

By using Traffic Exchange Sites, You can promote your referral links and banners. This way You can receive new referrals. If You have a website, You can also advertise it. If You don’t have a website, don’t be disappointed. Make an own splash page or pages and make money right away.

During surfing, on every Traffic Exchange Site, You can get bonuses. These are ad bonuses or cash bonuses. On some pages, games, various tasks and surf competitions make the sites more interesting. On Traffic Exchange Sites, You can send messages to other users and You can chat with them as well.

All Traffic Exchange sites give you the opportunity to buy Premium Membership. This is not compulsory nowhere. Buying Premium Membership is recommended only if You surf a lot. The premium members can collect more credits, get higher commissions and bigger bonuses.

Every manual surf site have a surfing ratio. This is worth paying attention to. It makes a difference how many advertising credits you get in return for a click. You can also convert your credits into banner credits and text credits. You can of course also buy these for money.


Manual Surf and Autosurf

Manual surf sites have one big positive. Everyone has to manually click on other users’ ads, so users have to see the advertised websites. All manual surf sites use some kind of filter to protect against frauds. Autosurf, on the other hand, works differently: the ads run themselves, with users virtually not having to look at other people’s ads. If you want to advertise effectively, you should avoid autosurf sites and work on traditional manual surf sites instead.

Girl surfing on the beachManual Surf is better then autosurf…


Make Your Splash Page

On Traffic Exchange Sites, it is not worth to advertise your referral links. It is much more efficient, if You make your own Splash Page.
Want to create your own Splash Page? Here’s what you need to do:
1: Click on the banner and register on the EasyHits4U. This is the Best Traffic Exchange Site.
Free Credits with Splash page
2: After registration click on the links of “Easy Splash Builder”.
3: Click on the “Add New Splash Page” button.
4: Make your own Splash Page.


Some Good Advice:

You should take into account that other users go to these places to earn credits just like you. For this reason, your ad should be eye-catching. Something that will make people sit up and take notice. It’s important that your product is not just one of many, so try to stand out from the crowd for higher conversion. When you promote something, always give us your exact details – url, ref. banner, etc… The most trusted surf site is Easyhits4U. It’s been around for a long time, you can use it for free and it gives you a lot of bonuses for your work. If you still want to work on one site, you might want to choose this one.

Traffic Exchange - EasyHits4U

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