You’re probably looking for a way to make money online that’s legal and the site owner will pay you. Ysense is one such website. It has been around for a long time, is reliable and pays you for your work. The site was created in 2007. Its original name was Clixsense. Since then it has been very stable, and is one of the most reliable GPT (get paid to) sites. Until 2019, there were PTC ads on the site, but fortunately this option has now been removed. Those who focused on the other options were much better off.

Surveys and Offers. They are the best way to make money on this website.

Ysense is mainly engaged in market research and receives commissions from all over the world. Companies and organisations are interested in the opinions and needs of consumers. They want to know as much as possible about their customers and are willing to pay for it.

This is where you join the process. You can earn money by filling in surveys and doing simple tasks. Registration is quick, easy and free. And once you’ve registered, you can start earning money online straight away…

What do you need to do this job?

This job doesn’t require any qualifications or training. you don’t have to go for a job interview and you won’t have any other inconveniences. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Of course, you can also work from a mobile phone or tablet. You can of course work from anywhere. In your living room, on your balcony or even in a nice park.

Of course, you can’t make a fortune on a GPT site. But if you’re just starting out in online business, if you’re looking to collect your first dollars now, Ysense is a great option. However… there is something here for you…

Park and a lakeYou can even do this work on a lakeside…

Ysense Affiliate Program

Want more income? Ysense has an excellent affiliate program. You can collect referrals with your referral link. No referral limit, you can collect an unlimited number of referrals. All you have to do is promote your referral link on your website or social media.

Signup Bonus: For every referral that becomes active, you will receive a bonus of at least 0,10 Dollar.
Activity Commission: You will receive 20% commission on the work of your referrers.


The site is operated by the Prodege LLC group of companies. The company is based in California, not far from Los Angeles. They have more than 4000 followers on LinkedIn. So you have a company that has been operating since 2007, is present on social media and pays fairly. Rare in the online world, it’s worth appreciating this opportunity.

Finally 2 Tips

Surveys: These are the ways to make the most money. There are many new surveys every day, so it’s worth taking advantage of the opportunities.

Offers: Here you’ll find a wide variety of tasks. You can earn money by watching videos, signing up to websites, trying out products and much more. Before you start a task, read the conditions.

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